Minimum order 12 lines total per order on Little Smiles Amber lines.

All our beautiful Little Smiles Amber comes in durable packaging, complete with warrantee card, safety instructions and certificate of authenticity. Don't get stuck buying cheap fake amber, trust Little Smiles Amber. 

We Tick all the boxes -

  • TGA compliant packaging
  • Genuine Certified Amber
  • Australian registered business
  • Quality product
  • Barcodes
  • Well packaged for resell
  • Appropriate warnings and information
  • Fully insured
  • Family owned and operated
  • Warrantee on all items

Coming from another brand or starting out fresh, amber is a product which sells its self. High demand in the amber market means parents are wanting to see and feel what they are buying, bringing more and more consumers into stores. Amber is not a phase, it is an ever growing market, featuring on Nurofen adds, in baby magazines, celebrity babies, and blogs across Australia. Our extensive marketing directs consumers into store to you, and we don't sell our products direct to the public so all our advertising benefits our retailers. Our wholesale prices are amongst the most competitive on the market, with free marketing aids and great service, it all adds up to be the most affordable and effective amber brand on the Australian market. Little Smiles Amber a family owned registered business based in North Brisbane, Queensland. Specialising in supplying genuine baltic amber direct from Lithuania into stores, chemists, baby shops, small business and Facebook resellers all across Australia, Asia and New Zealand. All of our ‘Little Smiles Amber’ amber comes in durable resealable packets ready to resell in TGA compliant packaging, with consumer instructions, certifications and warrantees. All our posters and information supplied to your store free of charge. Little Smiles Amber is the number one chosen amber brand for our ease of ordering, easy accounts, personalised friendly service and amazing prices. Wholesale is what we do best.

Office of Fair Trading Australia recommends

  • Always supervise the infant
  • Remove the necklace when unattended
  • Remove the necklace when sleeping
  • Don't allow the infant to chew the necklace
  • Always seek medical advice

Our range is extensive offering necklaces in 3 standard size ranges, 6 types of bracelets/anklets in many sizes, as well as other specialty lines with silver clasps for a more luxurious boutique gift line.

Lets taylor orders to your needs, not other peoples. 10 items of 1000?  You can pick and choose to stock as little or as many as you like. We also can put together a top sellers pack for you, as a small trial first order.

Shop today with confidence. Welcome to the Little Smiles Amber family.